In the flurry of accidents and recalls by major companies, We returned to our basic concept and established Coccolo to target and create Different kind of products as opposed to common Mass products from April 2005.
We named our company "Coccolo", this name "Coccolo" means "lovely baby" in Italian, and in conjunction with "Kokoro" in Japanese meaning in mind or spirit.


Most of our established members are from Xybernaut the top maker of Wearable PC,Xybernaut first broadcasted the naming of "Wearable PC" to the world.
We have been searching for expression of light based on technology of HMD(Head Mount Display) as core technology of Wearable Computer.

Energy shortage was not considered till the after 2011.
It is also a sign by which an energy crisis may spread all over the world.
The Energy problem is also the big issue which will have to be passed over to the next generation.
As one of the world's first members to create Lithium-ion battery, the completion of a next-generation battery is the biggest subject of concern.

Our company challenges the world with the goal to "the development and spread Magnesium cells" which is highly convenient, budget prices, small & lightweight, and simple which could not be accomplished with the conventional Lithium-ion battery from 2012.
We will establish new company and start the development and manufacturing of Magnesium battery which has recently come under the spotlight.
We produce extensively from development to manufacturing of Lithium-ion battery, Magnesium cell, and its hybrid commodities, and various lighting equipments.
We plan to establish business institution at Hamamatsu for manufacturing.

Your advise, encouragement and support will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Kazuyuki Toyosato
President of Coccolo Incorporation